Practice areas

Commercial Property

Kate is a dedicated property law specialist.

She has extensive knowledge and understands the nuances and diverse range of issues relating to commercial property transactions. She acts for commercial property owners, investors and developers. She is also experienced in making Overseas Investment Act applications and can help with ensuring a particular commercial property fits within the criteria for investment category immigration matters.

KC Legal can assist with negotiating and drafting leases for small-sized and short-term tenancies and for longer tenancies. We can also help with more complex agreements, including co-ordinating leases for multi-tenanted buildings, agreements to build and lease, and drafting bespoke leases for specific projects.
We are available throughout all your projects to attend to settlements and to liaise with your lenders to ensure any financing criteria is addressed well in advance of when you need funds to be available.

Our approach is simple. We work with you and your wider team of professionals to get the job done well. We promise to offer pragmatic, timely advice and communicate clearly so that you can meet your objective.

Kate is a regular contributor to Property Expert.

Residential Property Law & Overseas Investment Act Consents

KC Legal offers a comprehensive range of services related to residential property. Whether you are buying or selling a property, building a house, looking to subdivide or refinance, talk to KC Legal and let us take the stress out of your residential property transaction.

Kate has extensive experience in development and subdivision projects and has worked on a number of Overseas Investment Act applications. Overseas investors often need a full project management approach to co-ordinate the application, complete negotiations in relation to the land acquisition in question, and the ongoing OIA annual reporting requirements. KC Legal can manage this process.

In other words, if you are an overseas investor looking to acquire land protected by the Overseas Investment Act 2005 you should get in touch with KC Legal.

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Estate Administration

It can take years, even a lifetime, to accumulate your personal assets. Your family home, the bach and other investments need to be safeguarded. Likewise, so do you and your loved ones. We understand the importance of protecting your family and your assets, and it is important to talk to a specialist like KC Legal for in-depth estate planning.

Estate planning starts with a will and Enduring Powers of Attorney. Everyone should have these documents as a bare minimum, but there are also more extensive protections available, such as discretionary or testamentary trusts.

We can provide sound legal advice in respect to drafting wills, asset planning, distributions and the formation and continued management of trusts. We can also manage your estate and work with the executors of your will to ensure your assets are distributed as per your wishes.

As part of our planning services we will discuss your family’s needs and how we can help you achieve the outcomes that best suit your personal situation.
We also appreciate that the need for some of these documents may arise suddenly and at times where meeting your lawyer at their office face-to-face could be difficult. Therefore we can use technology, such as video conferencing, to take instructions and arrange for the execution of some documents. We will even make personal visits as and when required in these situations.

KC Legal’s goal is to give you peace of mind. We will get your estate planning matters in order so that your assets work for you and your family in the most efficient way possible.

Consultancy – Lawyer to Lawyer Services

KC Legal offers specialist legal service to other lawyers in New Zealand and overseas. Kate is fully qualified to act on her own account and undertake trust account supervisor duties. She is available for locum work and can take on a contract for services for your firm as an independent contractor.

Perhaps you are a sole practitioner or a smaller law firm that needs extra help with a current or unexpected demanding workload. Maybe you have a specific project that requires specialist expertise that KC Legal provides, or you would just like to take a break or holiday.

We can assist you on whatever terms you are comfortable with, whether it is looking after your practice, providing face-to-face client responses, or “background” matter management. If you think we could be a useful resource, please do get in touch.

No matter what area of law, we always achieve excellent results for our clients. Contact Kate for a friendly, confidential chat.

Committed to helping our clients succeed

About KC Legal

At KC Legal we take a belt and braces approach to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (the “AML/CFT law” for short). Essentially the AML/CFT law means that lawyers are obliged to do a number of things to help combat money laundering and terrorist financing. For example, we must collect information that may help police bring criminals who fund terrorism or engage in money laundering to justice.
Before taking instructions, lawyers are required to obtain and verify information from prospective and existing clients about a range of things. This is part of what the AML/CFT law calls “customer due diligence”.

KC Legal’s Customer Due Diligence Requirements

Pursuant to the AML/CFT law, KC Legal must take reasonable steps to make sure the information we receive from clients is correct, and so we need to ask for and sight certain original documents relating to each client to meet these requirements.

We will need to see your official photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport, as well as your birth certificate and other documents that show your address, such as a current bank statement.

If you are seeing us about a company or trust entity, we will need information about the company or trust, including the people associated with it, such as directors and shareholders, trustees and beneficiaries.
We will need to ask you about the nature and purpose of the proposed work you are asking us to do for you. Information confirming the source of funds for a transaction may also be necessary. We will of course guide you through all of this and work with you so that our obligations can be met, and we can undertake your instructions as quickly as possible.